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Create Better Indoor Acoustics
VI-SON Acoustics offers acoustic treatment solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our range of products extends:

Acoustic Foam
Acoustic Wall Upholstery Systems
Acoustic Wall Partitions
Acoustic Doors
Silencers & Sound Absorbers
Acoustic Louvres

Create Better Indoor Air
Connols-Air provides a wide range of products and services to ensure buildings and related infrastructures always have healthy indoor air quality. Our products include:

Grilles and Diffusers
Laminar Air Flow Diffusers (LAMIFLO)
Fire Dampers
Smoke Dampers
Isolation Dampers
Air Control Dampers
VAV Terminal Units
Supply Air Diffusers
Air Troffers
Engineered Diffusers
Sun Control Systems

Zone Master

Zone Master specializes in promoting better personal health and well-being through the successful introduction of Japanese electrostatic product SHENPIX.

Zone Master also works closely with OLS Manufacturing Co. to create the Clean Air Department, responsible for air purification products such as :

Tracs (Hospital Grade)
EZ Purifiers (Hospital Grade)

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